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Puppy Training

Setting up your family, and your puppy, for a lifetime of success and happiness is only a phone call away.  Your puppy is never too young to begin learning, and the earlier you are able to create good habits both for your puppy and your family, the better.

Before Your Puppy Arrives

In-Home Puppy Consultation

In this Private (in your home) lesson, I work with you before your puppy arrives, when you come home together or after your puppy is in the house.  I will teach you and your family to how interact with your pup and avoid mistakes to prevent major problems later in life and make your new puppy everything you want it to be. 


I will also identify potential challenges unique to your situation and environment, so we can proactively resolve issues before they start.​​


How it Works

Session Duration:

Approx 3 hours

Topics Covered

  • Resource Control (Food Water, Space, Toys, Affection and Time).

  • Housebreaking / Kennel Training

  • Leash Pressure and guidance

  • Handling Drills

  • Schedules

  • Socialization with dogs, children, new places and hazards / scary stuff

  • Grooming including nail trimming

  • Play biting

  • Destructive behavior

  • Health topics

  • Preventing problems by managing your puppy properly

  • and many others

I provide notes of your session along with a written guide and video links to assist you plus 2 weeks of additional support with the consult.

Puppy Advantage Program

Puppy Advantage Program

How it Works

Session Duration:

4 Weeks


The Puppy Advantage Program includes the above puppy consultation for week 1, but also covers the introduction to obedience commands of sit, down, here, place and on leash walking with your dog, heeling, 
and more.  There is a larger quantity of hands on training, questions and answer sessions and dog and puppy social activity in each session.​​​


HCC offers the Puppy Advantage Program to the greater Charleston area, and surrounding areas, with the finest puppy training available to set you up for success.  

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