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Here is What Dog Owners Are Saying!

We take pride in our services, and we sincerely appreciate the feedback!


South Carolina

Amazing Work!

AMAZING work! When Bella left us she was a shy and timid 5yro that, despite her over protectiveness, was a good girl. The pup that returned a few weeks later is an amazingly confidant and self controlled girl. On our first walk we were floored to watch her rest calmly by our side as another dog went crazy passing by and again when a new baby sitter entered the house and she stayed on her place bed intensely watching but again relaxed. We were not sure how much she could improve being an older pup but after HCC's training program we are thoroughly impressed! Highly recommended!!!

Jo Blake

South Carolina

100% Changed Dog

Words can't describe how much my boy Rocco has changed for the better in the last 28 days. I missed him more than I ever thought I would. But the long wait was totally worth it. He's 100% a changed dog, but still has the same personality and goofiness I fell in love with. Being a single female I didn't want a dog that would just run all over me and not listen. I wanted a true companion in my dog, not just an unruly dog I couldn't take anywhere. Before Holy City Canine came
Into the picture, Rocco was extremely hyper when I let him out of the crate. He would leave bruises all over my body. He wouldn't listen when called. He was very unsocialized and cowered when anyone would come near him. He would growl at everyone. Jonathan even made sure I was completely comfortable with everything that he has learned and was able to do all the commands on my own. Since coming home, he's loves everyone. He listens to my commands and behaves. I'm not afraid to take him out in public or be around people. I can't thank Holy City Canine enough for changing the unruly behavior of my dog!

Kristan White

South Carolina

Glowing Results!

"I can vouch for the great work done at Holy City Canine because our office manager just put her pup through the program with glowing results! On a more personal note, Holy City Canine recently made the absolute most generous donation to a silent auction that our business held in raising money for West Ashley High School's music and art program. Truly above and beyond what we were asking for, Holy City Canine came through big. Know that your beloved pet is in very capable hands from someone with a very big heart"

Linda Keller

South Carolina

Learned to Temper His Rough Play

Jonathan worked magic on Gabe. Gabe is a smart boy and was very obstinate. He now comes when called and knows how to listen and be a confident companion. We can now go on leisurely walks and he no longer reacts like everything is a threat. He also has learned to temper his rough play with our older dog. Thank you Jonathan.

Sarah Gruenwald

South Carolina

I can now take him everywhere with me!

"I wanted to wait a few months after the training before leaving my review. Jonathan is like no other trainer you will ever meet, not only did he transform Eli from a crazy hyper puppy with no manners into a well behaved and refined obedient sweetheart, he worked with me on everything I needed to know to properly handle my pup and his bad habits and form good ones. Eli is the first dog I’ve had from the time he was only 5 1/2 weeks old and I completely spoiled him rotten. On top of that he is a Boykin Spaniel and has more energy than he knows what to do with. In just two short weeks, Eli went from a crazy hyper handful that chewed on everything, jumped on everyone and literally never relaxed to a dog with a purpose and a desire to please. I finally could go on walks and take him in public, he didn’t tear things apart to cope with his overflow of energy. I am so grateful for everything Holy City gave me and my little prince because he and I both are so much happier now that I can take him every where with me, I rarely get frustrated with him and we have grown even closer because of it. Jonathan truly went above and beyond with the whole process. I was blown away by the change in Eli but also the quality and value of service that is provided. And after I picked up Eli, Jonathan has continued to check in on his progress and is always available to help me with any questions I have. Now that Eli’s little sister is old enough, she will be Holy City’s next success story. Thank you so much Jonathan for strengthening mine and Eli’s bond and giving me the tools I need to be the puppy mom he deserves! I highly recommend Holy City Canine and will be forever grateful."

Brian & Nina


South Carolina

Learned to Temper His Rough Play

"My wife and I rescued Grey, a 2-year-old Staffordshire Terrier (Blue Staffy) in November 2016. He had a “rough” upbringing and had been a stray for an extended period. We fell in love with him upon first sight, but as soon as we got him home, it became very evident that he had never been on a leash, never been on a walk, etc. Over the course of several months, we worked diligently with him and made great progress.

But we hit a plateau. He was very reactive to all other animals. Humans never a problem. He’s a sweetheart with people. But squirrels, cats, possums, raccoons, and other dogs he saw as food, likely due to the fact he had to hunt to survive while a stray. His prey drive was unreal and unrelenting. Being an 85lb Blue Pit, we didn’t want people to unfairly judge him because he thought squirrels were delicious.

After a few incidents (other dogs attacking us), we were at a tipping point. His reactivity was getting worse. My wife and I decided to hire a professional. After doing a ton of research and due diligence with multiple interviews, we discovered Jonathan at Holy City Canine. After meeting Jonathan, we were immediately put at ease. We knew the only way to resolve these issues was to do a 2-and-a-half-week board and train. It was incredibly difficult for us to let go for that amount of time, but Jonathan sent us updates and followed up with us regularly.

I am please to report that Grey is now very responsive to every command. He’s such a happy big boy now. He doesn’t chase squirrels or cats, doesn’t pull at his leash, and is an absolute joy. We can easily put him in Place without worry when someone comes to our door. We’ve even started extensively working with him off leash with great results.

Another great concern of ours was who do we leave Grey with when we travel? In addition to Jonathan being a great trainer, we now have peace of mind as he will board dogs that he has trained. Now when we travel, we know we can leave our boy with someone who will care for him the way we do.

My wife and I highly recommend Jonathan Street at Holy City Canine. Thank you."

Video Updates

"We dropped off our baby Sam and were already getting update videos 24 hours later with him acting the way I expected at graduation. Clearly Jonathan is an amazing trainer."

John & Michelle Jordan

South Carolina

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